Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic tickets can cause you to gain points on your driver’s license, which may result in paying high-risk auto insurance and even suspension of your driver’s license. Before you pay a traffic ticket, you should contact McBride Law for a free initial consultation. With a lawyer’s help, it is more likely that you can dispose of the ticket without gaining any points, having to go to court, or required to go to driving school.

We are experienced in resolving all types of traffic tickets, which includes:

  • Speeding
  • Improper lane change
  • Running red lights
  • Stop signs
  • Careless and Imprudent driving
  • Failure to Yield
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • No insurance/No registration

How we defend against traffic tickets:

First, we go over the ticket to make sure it is legally sufficient. If there is any discrepancy on the face of the ticket, it may get thrown out.

Second, we speak directly to you about the ticket and your driving history. This helps us decide if there are any other deficiencies with your ticket and helps us to negotiate the best plea offer for you.

Third, we find out what you want from hiring us to represent you and go over possible outcomes to help you decide your best way to proceed. If you don’t need an attorney, that’s fine. We will tell you and we will be glad to have helped!

Fourth, we file the proper documents to appear on your behalf and get ready to keep your driving record clean.

Fifth, we let you know what happened in your case right away. This way you can plan accordingly if you are set on a trial or need to plan for any court fines and costs.

If you have any legal questions or concerns, contact McBride Law today for an initial consultation. Let us help make your unfortunate situation better. We look forward to helping you resolve your traffic matter.