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At McBride Law, we are committed to providing aggressive and professional legal representation and counsel in all areas of immigration and nationality law for individuals, students, families, and businesses.  

We are dedicated to staying well-informed of the United States immigration laws and the intricacies in filing for relief with the immigration service and with the Immigration Courts, while we strive to find the best possible solution for our clients. We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about McBride Law or to discuss your case with our immigration team.

For your convenience, we have offices in Springfield and Branson.  Our Springfield office is located on Campbell, two blocks north of Bass Pro.  Our Branson office is located just south of the Branson Landing off Business Highway 65.

At McBride Law, our immigration team offers a variety of immigration services, including: 

Family-Based Immigration

Immigrate to the United States through a qualifying family relationship. This can be a sibling, parent, child or other immediate relative. The family member can ask for your legal status in the U.S. by applying for one of several visas, depending on your specific situation. 

Marriage-Based Immigration

Immigrate to the United States through marriage to a US Citizen or Permanent Resident or through engagement to a US Citizen. You can apply for a visa or permanent residency for yourself through a future spouse. Marriage alone will not automatically grant U.S. citizenship; you must go through the process and prove that the marriage is valid and real.

Student Visas

While great colleges exist all around the U.S., there are few places that are better for higher education than the Springfield-Branson area. Through American student visa programs, foreign students can get access to these colleges and universities.  At McBride Law, we strive to provide such opportunity and handle applications for F, J, & M visa applications as well as participation in Au Pair programs.

PERM Labor Certification

The permanent labor certification process, known as PERM, is the most common employment-based way to obtain permanent residency status (“Green Card”) in the United States. It is intended to ensure that employers do not seek to employ a foreign national when qualified U.S. workers are ready, willing, able and available to fill the position. However, several employers in the Springfield - Branson area are unable to find qualified employees in the U.S. and seek laborers from abroad.

Employment-Based Immigration

Are you a business unable to staff your operation?  Are you an individual trying to immigrate to the United States through a qualifying employer relationship or self-sponsorship? If so, the law allows an employer to file a petition to obtain a visa or a person with extraordinary abilities can file one for themselves. In some cases, certain spouses and/or children may accompany or follow-to-join employment-based immigrants. 


Have you received a Notice to Appear?  Hire an immigration attorney at McBride Law to defend you or your loved loves from deportation. We can request the process to be halted or can file an appeal and seek to prevent your loved one from being deported. After, we can help with obtaining legal status in the United States. 

Deferred Action, DREAMers, and DACA

Many of the undocumented immigrants in the United States are minors who live in the country simply because their parents chose to do so. Fortunately, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recognizes that these minors and young adults deserve opportunities to thrive just like any other child and should not have to live in constant fear of removal or deportation as they grow up. To better allow these individuals to pursue educational and professional goals and to become productive members of their communities, immigration laws provide special provisions for qualified young immigrants and their parents. 

Waivers of Inadmissibility

If you are inadmissible to the United States due to any reason, you may be able to apply for a waiver of inadmissibility. You could obtain an immigrant visa, adjustment of status or other immigration benefits may be available. We can guide you through that process and ensure the application is correct. 

Immigrant Criminal Defense

Immigrants know that there is one thing they must not have on their record — a serious criminal conviction. To be convicted of a crime involving fraud, violence or drugs turns the system against you. It can keep you from being admitted to the U.S. It can cause you to lose permanent resident status. Dreams of achieving citizenship are destroyed. Serious crimes committed years ago can come back to haunt you.

If your future is in question because of a criminal conviction, you need an immigration attorney like those at McBride Law.  Our firm is among the only immigration law practitioners in the Springfield-Branson area. We take cases that look very uphill, and we work to mitigate the damage your conviction has caused.

Whatever immigration needs and inquiries you may have, our immigration division will gladly assist you. We know that the legal immigration process can be a confusing and, at times, even frightening process. At McBride Law, we know how much is at stake and we look forward to providing you, your family, or your business with quality representation through every step.

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