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Immigrants know that the one thing they must not have on their record is a serious criminal conviction. To be convicted of a crime involving fraud, violence or drugs turns the system against you; it can keep you from being admitted to the U.S., cause you to lose permanent resident status, dreams of achieving citizenship are destroyed, serious crimes committed years ago can come back to haunt you.

Springfield Immigration Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Southwest Missouri

If your status is in question because of a criminal conviction, you need an immigration attorney like those at McBride Law.  Our firm is among the only immigration law practitioners in the Springfield-Branson area. We take cases that look very uphill, and we work to mitigate the damage your conviction has caused.

If you find yourself in such a situation, we are experienced in obtaining waivers of inadmissibility.  Options available to you may include:

  • 212(h) waivers through a family member (for criminal convictions not including murder or torture)
  • 212(c) waivers allowing you to keep legal permanent status by obtaining special permission from a judge
  • 42a waivers (also known as cancellation of removal) for persons who already have green cards

We have also enjoyed success in having criminal charges reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, which may provide relief from pending removal proceedings. While each case is evaluated separately, there are other approaches to be taken to diminish the severity of criminal convictions so do not wait, act now. 

We are considered aggressive, professional leaders in immigration law in Springfield, Branson, and Southwest Missouri. We can help you with your criminal defense.

Immigrants can't afford criminal convictions. 

For your convenience, we have offices in Springfield and Branson.  Our Springfield office is located on Campbell, two blocks north of Bass Pro.  Our Branson office is located just south of the Branson Landing off Business Highway 65. 

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