DWI / DUI Defense

For most people, a DWI charge will be the most significant criminal charge in their lifetime. After having spent at least one night in jail, you now have the fear and uncertainty of what you will face next. Not only do you still have to deal with the stress of work and everyday life, you now have to be worried about court hearings and deadlines. All this pressure may lead you to believe your best option is to just plead this out and get it over with. Nothing could be further from the truth.

DWI charges in Missouri, even for first-time offenders, can have long-lasting, and potentially, permanent effects on your life and could subject you to some serious legal penalties such as up to one year in jail, probation, license suspension, hefty fines plus court costs, and fees. No matter what your situation, you absolutely need to speak with a skilled DWI attorney who can help you understand exactly what you are facing and all the potential outcomes, good and bad.

WARNING: you have only 15 days from the date of your arrest for DWI in Missouri to request an administrative hearing regarding your driver’s license. If you do not request this hearing, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended. For immediate help on your DWI and to preserve your right to drive, contact McBride Law at (417) 324-7580 for an initial consultation.

This May be Your First DWI — It’s Not Ours

At McBride Law, we have defended our DWI clients throughout all of southwest Missouri. We have the experience as both prosecutor and defense attorney. We are intimately familiar with the workings of the Missouri legal system and understand the hardships a DWI charge can bring to you and your family. Our goal is to represent you and obtain the best result possible for you. We will not only discuss the details of your case, but also discuss how these charges are affecting your life and what we can do to minimize the consequences a DWI charge brings with it. Along the way, we want to answer all your questions while giving you critical updates, explanations, and guidance.

What Now?

The question we always get is “What happens next?”, followed by “How long will that take?” and “What happens in court?” At McBride Law, we will make sure we provide those answers to you and answer any other questions you may have.

Typically, the next step will be the Arraignment. This is where you will formally hear the charges against you, have your bond determined, and begin negotiating an acceptable plea offer from the prosecution.

If your license is suspended pending the outcome of your case, we will then discuss potential avenues to get you back on the street and driving, even if in a limited or restricted capacity.

Gathering Information and Investigating Your Case

After Arraignment, our next step is to assemble the facts of your case. We would first want to talk with you regarding your recollection of what happened the night of your DWI arrest. We would then request all the evidence, or “discovery,” in your case from the police, prosecutor, and any potential witnesses. While most discovery is provided by the prosecutor, we do not rely solely on what the prosecutor believes to be relevant. We do our own investigation by visiting the site of your arrest, taking pictures, requesting video from nearby gas stations, and whatever else is necessary to uncover all critical evidence in your case so that nothing is overlooked.

Reviewing the Evidence

After collecting all evidence available, we will then consider the multiple aspects of your DWI case, including:

Was it a legal stop?
Was it a legal detention?
Did the officer follow proper NHTSA regulations while administering field sobriety tests?
Was there probable cause to arrest?
Were proper procedures followed for a chemical test or refusal?

Preparing Your Defense

After collecting and reviewing all the evidence in your case, we then prepare a course of action. We want to determine the strengths and weaknesses of both our case and the prosecutor’s case. Sometimes, expert witnesses are helpful in reinforcing the strengths of our case or pointing out the weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case. From there, we would determine whether to challenge particular pieces of evidence that potentially could be used against you by the prosecutor by filing a Motion to Suppress. Finally, if no acceptable outcome could be reached through plea negotiations, we would then prepare for trial. As we proceed through your case, we continuously explore all options and avenues that could potentially affect your case.

If you or a someone you know is facing the uncertainty of a DWI arrest, please give McBride Law a call today to schedule an initial consultation.