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Individuals who come to the United States illegally, who violate the terms and conditions of a legally granted visa, who remain in the United States beyond the expiration of a legally obtained non-immigrant visa, or who commit criminal offenses, may be subject to removal or deportation. At McBride Law, our immigration team will handle not only visa application and immigration processes, but also provide legal services pertaining to detention, deportation, and removal proceedings.

If you face detention, deportation, and removal proceedings, you will need to hire a qualified immigration attorney to avoid the very real possibility of deportation or removal. Non-US citizens can face detention and deportation for violating US immigration laws. One way to violate immigration laws is to be convicted of serious criminal offenses, specifically aggravating felonies and crimes of “moral turpitude.” It can be difficult to determine what crimes apply to the latter category, and those qualifying crimes can vary based on jurisdiction. 

That is why if you are arrested for a crime, or you are under investigation and believe you may be charged, you need to secure the services of McBride Law immediately. We will be able to determine whether that plea deal that your criminal defense attorney negotiated in good faith could have serious unintended consequences. While it may seem on the surface that your best option is to plead guilty in order to secure limited jail time and other reduced penalties, that guilty plea could result in your deportation once your jail or prison term is served. And, if you have been detained by US Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and are awaiting a decision regarding your deportation, or if you are facing the possibility of removal proceedings, contact McBride Law immediately to provide necessary legal representation.